Need new ways of increasing your visibility in sales outlets, highlighting quality information or offering consumers the interactivity they are looking for, but at the same time you want a versatile and cost-effective solution.

The diversification of places to shop is a new commercial reality and the result of the critical way shoppers view retailing.

The design of a sales outlet is the realisation on the ground of an overall and cohesive commercial and marketing policy. The architecture and the way these consumer areas are decorated reflect the positioning aimed for by the store and take account of the type of market, target audiences, etc.

Numerous studies have shown that more than half of all purchases made are not intended by consumers before they arrive at the point of sale. This means that shoppers make their buying decisions inside the point of sale, usually impulsively. So it is important for your brand and products to stand out effectively at the point of sale. This is where advertising at the point of sale can push products towards the consumer by highlighting them effectively.

Advertising at the point of sale therefore takes on huge importance because it enables you to showcase a product and bring it to life inside the retail outlet. It has an immediate impact and direct influence on the purchasing behaviour of shoppers. And its impact is even greater if it is based on the undeniable strengths of an innovative technology that enables you to display dynamic images that are eye-catching and bright, accompanied by a wide range of highly relevant messages that amplify the phenomenon of the purchasing impulse.

The issues facing you

  • Your retail environment is becoming increasingly cluttered and your POS material is not sufficiently visible
  • Your products are technical/complex and need to be explained to shoppers
  • You need an effective way of rolling out national communication campaigns
  • You need to maintain control over the way what you have to say is broadcast

You want to increase the visibility of your brand and products
and meet your sales targets !

Dynamic POS material enables you to respond effectively to these issues. Positioned directly in the shelves, gondola ends or totems, screens display your message when you want, where you want and, based on your needs, the screens can be networked or standalone.

Of course, simply installing a screen is not enough to have a positive impact on your sales. Your dynamic multimedia POS solution needs to take account of the commercial environment and the habits of shoppers within the sales outlet so that it can be adjusted to your merchandising and display appropriate content.